Rebates and Tax Credits for Energy Saving Home Improvements

Rebates and Tax Credits for Energy Saving Home Improvements

Making the decision to invest in an energy-saving home improvement is a big step, but getting the most out of available rebates and tax credits can cause many homeowners to stumble. As you make purchases throughout the year, be sure to collect and save associated receipts, documentation, explanations and tax forms. Keeping this information in one place or file each year will help you stay organized, and will make tax time easier.

From an energy-saving appliance to a new roofing system, planning for rebates and tax deductions at the time of purchase will ensure that you make the most of your savings.

At McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems of North Carolina, we’re continually looking for ways to assist you in making the most of your energy savings, and thank Kathy for her testimonial to our service!

“Thanks Tim! You have gone the extra mile to provide the best customer service possible. Our experience with having other energy saving installations performed, required us to do the “research” to find the a way to document the support for tax credit.”

Kathy from Durham, NC


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