The Financial Impact of Metal Roofing: Reduced Energy Costs

reduced energy costs

The Financial Impact of Metal Roofing: Reduced Energy Costs

Our quality metal roofing systems contribute to reduced home energy costs by keeping homes naturally cooler in hot weather and reducing summer air conditioning demand.

3 Ways a Classic Metal Roofing System Can Lead to Reduced Energy Costs

  1. Special coatings of reflective pigment reflect away radiant heat. All the while looking great, in rich finishes and colors that resist fading.
  2. Additionally, our metal shingle, metal shake, and ClickLock standing seam styles have an integral air gap between the metal and the roof deck, stopping conductive heat transfer.
  3. Finally, the attics beneath metal roofs can be ventilated in order to exhaust out any heat that is gained into the attic.

Typical customers who purchase metal roofs with these energy-saving attributes will report summer energy cost savings of up to 20% and even more after their roofs are installed. When homeowners look at their energy savings as a way to help pay for their metal roof investment, it becomes another part of their financial picture.

Solar Ready Roofing for North Carolina

We often find that metal roof customers are solar installation customers, and vice versa. The environmentally-friendly and cost-saving goals accomplished with a metal roof are quite similar to those accomplished with solar installations.

Our metal roofing systems provide a great base for rooftop solar arrays, thanks to their life expectancy and stability.

To learn more about energy savings, and reduced energy costs with a quality metal roofing system from the professionals at McCarthy, simply give us a call, or drop us a line.