Frequently Asked Questions

If you need information on how a metal roof will improve your North Carolina home or business, see below for answers to the most common questions. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

What makes a McCarthy Metal Roof unique?

You can count on McCarthy Metal Roofing for the highest level of business ethics as well as professional installation of the finest quality metal roofing products available. When you choose McCarthy Metal Roofing in Raleigh to customize a roof for your home or business, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have received exceptional value for your investment. Not only will you own a state-of-art roofing system, you will have the backing of a highly reputable North Carolina based roofing company.

How long have aluminum roofs been on the market?

In 1880, an aluminum roof was installed on the Chief Secretary’s office building in Sydney, Australia. This is the oldest aluminum roof in the world, and it’s still in sound condition. McCarthy Metal Roofs are among the most proven among modern manufacturers of aluminum roofs. No competitor has been able to match the water tightness and wind resistance of our patented interlock system.

What guarantee is offered on McCarthy Metal Roofs?

McCarthy Metal Roofs are made of aluminum and backed by an industry-leading, three-part manufacturer’s warranty, including:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty protection for the original purchasers of a McCarthy Metal Roof, as long as they live in that home. Roof is warranted against defects as well as peeling, flaking, chipping, cracking, and splitting, and roof will not chip or leak due to hail. Also includes a 120 mph wind warranty on the roof system and manufactured components. This warranty is completely non-prorated.
  • 40-Year Transferable Warranty from date of install to all future owners. There is never a charge to transfer, and it can be transferred each time that home is sold.
  • 30-Year Fade and Chalk Protection that says, after 30 years, the finish and color on McCarthy Metal Roofs will be within a very small, verifiable change from the color it was the day it was installed. In addition, there is a 30-year chalk resistant warranty on your metal roof.

In addition to the Manufacturer’s warranty, McCarthy Metal Roofs guarantees you:

  • McCarthy Metal Roofing Workmanship Guarantee: the aluminum roof panels and accessories are warranted 100% for a period of 10 years to be free from workmanship defects that might result in leaking.
  • A Value Guarantee that’s in writing stating a better value cannot be found. If in the next 30 days you shop metal roofs and you find a one for less money with all the qualities and benefits installed by a certified craftsman, McCarthy Metal Roofing will install your roof and refund the difference, plus $500.

Please contact McCarthy Metal Roofs for a copy of these unmatched warranties.

Will the look of a metal roof fit with the architectural style of my home?

Yes, McCarthy Metal Roofs are designed to replicate the rich beauty of roofing materials widely used today. You’ll love the way it looks!

Do McCarthy Metal Roofs look shiny and metallic?

The deep, natural texture and earth-tone colors of McCarthy Metal Roofs give it the authentic look of today’s roofing materials. Although there may be some gloss present immediately after installation, when the airborne dust settles, it will soon dull to a natural, flat look. Much like the finish on your car. That initial gloss is unavoidable with a high quality finish Kynar.

What finish is on a McCarthy Metal Roof?

McCarthy Metal Roofs are made of aluminum. Due to the baked-on Kynar finish, our roofs will withstand the harshest weather for years to come. This special multi-step Kynar finish is recognized as the industry’s finest as it provides superior protection and color retention. It is often used on industrial buildings and skyscrapers.

What colors are available?

1. Buckskin
2. Caramel
3. Mustang Brown
4. Shake Gray
5. Vermont Slate
6. Deep Charcoal
7. Forest Green
8. Terra Red
9. Oceanside Blue
10. Regal White
11. Pearl Black
12. Brite Red

What are HI-R coatings?

Hi-R coatings were developed during Desert Storm for military vehicles to avoid infrared detection by the enemy. This is accomplished by reflecting away the near infrared (IR) spectrum, where nearly 45% of the heat is generated. Reflecting this portion of the spectrum with special pigments in the Kynar paint, Hi-R paint reduces your home’s amount of heat gain while still providing the same Kynar performance. This results in significant savings on your air conditioning bills and a roof that is approximately 50 degrees cooler.

How will this roof help my energy bill?

Homeowners who have re-roofed with a McCarthy Metal Roof have found their air conditioning costs decrease by up to 30% and their heating bill to decrease by 10% after the roof was installed with proper ventilation. This is due to the roof’s low emissivity value. Aluminum allows up to 34 percent less attic heat gain than traditional roofing materials, according to testing conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center. Rather than pass the heat of the sun into your attic, the aluminum panels reflect up to 94.5% of sunrays. This reflectivity is an inherent property of the aluminum roof, no matter your color choice. The result is reduced energy bills for your home.

Exactly how much can I save by installing a McCarthy Metal Roof?

Since it is a premium product, the initial cost for a McCarthy Metal Roofing is in the high range of roofing materials, but it will last much longer and adds value to your home. Smart property owners buy roofing on an annual cost basis. In addition to the total installed price, other factors are considered, such as how long the new roof will last, how well it provides weather protection and stands up to extreme weather conditions, how much it will save in energy costs, and the maintenance required. McCarthy Metal Roofing offers a worry-free long life, which means long-term economy and beauty. With energy costs on the rise, homeowners list their savings as a huge advantage of their McCarthy Metal Roof.

How long will a McCarthy Metal Roof last?

The Kynar finish is warranted for 30 years. The aluminum shingles will probably outlast the house. The oldest aluminum roof in the world is still in good condition—it was installed in 1880 on the Chief Secretary’s Office Building in Sydney, Australia. The aluminum cap on our Washington monument was installed in 1884 and also has experienced no problems.

Can a McCarthy Metal Roof be installed over my existing roof?

The National building code of 2006 requires a tear off if two layers of roofing material are on a roof. McCarthy Metal Roofs are often installed over existing roofs without a tear-off. A watertight synthetic underlayment is first applied when going over your existing shingles.

What is Talon Shield?

Talon Shield is made of several layers of woven polyethylene and polypropylene making it difficult to tear, and is a synthetic underlayment used to replace 30# felt paper. Talon Shield does not rot like felt paper. When installing a permanent McCarthy Metal Roof, it is necessary to install a permanent underlayment to keep moisture away from the wood sheathing, as all roofing materials condensate moisture. Developed 20 years ago, synthetics have proven to be the best choice as an underlayment for metal roofs. Talon Shield provides you a watertight underlayment when sealed with our special sealants around your roof protrusions. This means your home is protected even under the most extreme weather conditions.

How can I get a McCarthy Metal Roof installed on my home?

Call 919-900-1100, or fill out the contact us form, and we will set an appointment to help you with your new roof.

How do McCarthy Metal Roofs stay watertight?

Leakage is impossible with the four-way interlock, along with careful flashing during the installation process. Unlike the unsealed edges of other roofing products, the locked-down edges of our shingles cannot be lifted. Our products were tested in 110 mile per hour wind-driven rain in Dade County, Florida—without a single leak.

How do McCarthy Metal Roofs stand up to fire?

McCarthy Metal Roofs provide protection that will stop a neighborhood fire before they spread. Our roofs cannot be ignited by sparks from chimneys and nearby fires the way cedar shakes and asphalt shingles do. Many residential fires spread from sparks landing on the roof.

How will a McCarthy Metal Roof stand up to high winds?

McCarthy Metal Roofs are designed to withstand the strongest winds and our metal roofs have been laboratory tested. In addition to locking on all four sides between panels, the shingles are anchored to the roof deck with ring-shank nails that are virtually impossible to pull out. Our metal roofs have been laboratory tested, and have withstood several Hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana.

How does an McCarthy Metal Roof do with hail?

Our aluminum roofs have passed UL 2218 Impact Testing with a Class IV rating. Not only is this the highest rating available, but the Kynar finish is warranted not to chip due to hail. Constructed of high-quality aluminum, our roofs don’t lose its impact-resistance with age. Homes protected by a McCarthy Metal Roof maintain their lasting dependability, unlike other roofing products that provide less protection for your home each year.

Are McCarthy Metal Roofs noisy?

No, most homeowners notice little difference. Attic insulation absorbs most of the sound, and the panel texture prevents it from reverberating like flat metal roofing. We have yet to receive a complaint about rain noise with our roofs. If you hear rain on your roof now, you will hear it with a McCarthy Metal Roof, but it will be a slightly higher tone.

Can you walk on a McCarthy Metal Roof?

Yes. The texturing and pattern provide the shingles with the strength needed to sustain normal roof traffic. However, it’s important to step on the upper half of the panels where they taper to rest on the roof deck. If a lot of traffic is expected on your roof, an optional styrene backer made to rest behind the shingles can be installed.

What is the Metal Construction Association Certified Metal Roofing Panel Program? Why is it important?

The leading trade association for metal roofing and other exterior metal building products in North America is The Metal Construction Association (MCA). Membership in the MCA consists of leading metal roofing manufacturers and their coating and metal suppliers.

To help differentiate quality metal roofs from inferior products, the MCA developed an industry exclusive Metal Roofing Certification Program. This program helps property owners, designers, builders and architects determine which companies have quality products. The program was created several years ago when the association became aware of the introduction of “secondary” or “rejected” Metal and panels into the market. Products with inferior base metals and/or coatings have shorter life spans and offer less protection. Before a product is Premium Certified by the MCA it must be closely scrutinized and audited. Only products made from quality materials will meet MCA’s established standards.

Our company is one of only five manufacturers that is MCA Premium Certified. This allows our customers to know that we have met the stringent requirements set by the MCA and relieves any anxiety about the possibilities of having sub-standard products installed on their homes. As an added measure, each roofing panel that we produce is clearly labeled so it can be easily tracked back to the supplier and their raw material run.

MCA Certification is designed to protect unsuspecting consumers. We strongly recommend that homeowners purchase only metal roofing materials that have passed MCA’s certification process.

What is the cost of a McCarthy Metal Roof?

The cost of your roof is determined by a variety of elements such as size, style, accessories, pitch, color, paint finish, ventilation needs, type of metal, thickness of metal, type of underlayment, installation method, layers of existing roof material, type of existing roof material being roofed over, number of penetrations from chimneys, pipes and skylights, weather conditions in your area, poly styrene walkways needed, overall height of the roof, access to the roof, and the time of the year. Without thoroughly examining your roof and speaking with you about your specific needs and style choices, we cannot provide an estimate. This is why we ask that all decision makers be present when we visit with you. Please complete the feedback form on our Contact page, and we’ll be glad to visit your home and give you an exact quote.

Why do asphalt roofs fail?

Because there is no quick and easy answer to this question, we have an entire page dedicated to this topic—please visit this page to find the answer.

Does Imperial Armour come in a choice of colors?

Imperial Armour comes with a choice of 6 different colors. White, Tan, Gray, Brown, Green, and Terra Red are available.

Is Imperial Armour environmentally friendly?

Imperial Armour is environmentally friendly, as it’s recyclable material. Because Imperial Armour can be installed over existing roofs, over 90% of all installations do not require the removal of the old roof, which would go to the landfill.

Can I expect home energy savings after installing Imperial Armour?

Imperial Armour roof is one of the most energy efficient roofs. Many who replace a black roof with a white Imperial Armour roof, see a 70-degree drop in roof temperature, which means a cooling cost reduction of 15 – 20%. Your actual energy savings could be more or less dependent upon property construction and the amount of insulation.

What’s the difference between Imperial Armour and Traditions?

Imperial Armour is ideal for a flat roof, as it is the thickest and toughest PVC membrane on the market available, with 6 solid colors to choose from. Traditions is a good choice if you have a pitch on your roof, since it’s designed to replicate the appearance of a laminate shingle and blend in with the architecture in your area.

How long does it take to install Imperial Armour?

Imperial Armour, unlike other roofs, takes less time to install than other flat roofs. This a real advantage if the old roof does not need to be removed.

What if my Imperial Armour roof develops a leak after installation?

An Imperial Armour roof does not dry out, crack, or rot. The material is very difficult to puncture, so if a leak does occur, repairs can be easily completed. This ease of repair is due to the flexibility and weldability of Imperial Armour, which stays strong even 25 years after installation.

Is the Imperial Armour warranty affected by ponding water?

No, the warranty is not affected at all. Other flat roof products are not warrantied against ponding water, but water will not penetrate Imperial Armour, as it’s made to be submerged and is unaffected.

Will Imperial Armour burn?

No. Imperial Armour earned a Class A fire rating and will resist flame and not fuel a fire.

What has been the history of previous Imperial Armour roofs?

Every Imperial Armour roof installed over the past 25 years is still in existence. These flat roofs are thicker commercial grade products brought to the residential market. Even if you live in your house for 50 years you will still have 100% warranty coverage.

How long does it take to install a new metal roof?

We take the time to install your roof correctly. We’re not going to take any shortcuts because we believe the installation of your metal roof should be done right the first time. This means that the amount of time that each project takes varies upon the scope of the job.

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