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We understand how confusing the roof buying process can be. With the many roofing materials to choose from and all of the new information available regarding durability and longevity, sorting fact from fiction can be daunting.

For this reason, McCarthy Metal Roofing has compiled several homeowner resources that we believe will be valuable to you as you select a roofing contractor. The following links will provide you with answers to many of your questions and may shed light on important factors that weren’t even on your radar.

The important thing is that no matter which roofing materials you choose, is that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Please follow the homeowner resource links below to learn more.

  • Why Asphalt Roofs Fail
    Inferior Materials – Short Lifespan
    The decline and fail of the asphalt roof
  • Why Metal Roofs
    Beautiful – Permanent – Strong
    The last roof you’ll ever buy
  • Choosing a Contractor
    This is a critical step in any major home-improvement project
  • Current Offers
    Monthly Specials – Save Money
    Please check out our special offers
  • Shows & Events
    Home Shows Near You – Event Calendar
    Stop by and say hello
  • Metal Roof Visualizer
    Free – Online Tool
    See your home with a metal roof
  • Homeowners Guide
    Free – Roofing Buyers Guide
    Get your comprehensive homeowners guide
  • FAQs
    Questions – Answers
    FAQ’s about Metal Roofs in North Carolina
  • Church Roof Program
    Easy Steps – Money Saving Solutions
    Metal Roofing for your Church, Synagogue, or Worship Center

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