Roof Terminology Part 5: Dips & Swales

Roof Terminology Part 5: Dips & Swales

Take advantage of a sunny, North Carolina day to look for some irregularities in your roof.

Walk around your home and look closely at your roof. Use binoculars if they are helpful. Don’t get on the roof – leave that to the professionals.

As you look at your roof, look for dips or swales.  Does the roof have any “waviness” to it?  It is not unusual to see this on older structures or even some newer buildings.  These are usually a result of structural settlement or inadequate initial construction.  They can also be caused by structural damage (such as a snapped rafter) or roof leaks, which would need immediate attention.

If dips and swales seem to be the result of structural settlement, you may have a choice of paying to have the roofing and decking removed to remedy the situation or just putting up with it. There are occasions when heavily configured shake profile metal roofs will hide dips and swales. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, the strong vertical lines of standing seam or the horizontal lines of shake, shingle, or tile products can accentuate dips and swales and make them even more apparent. Discuss this with your manufacturer and contractor.

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