Roof Warranty? Get 2 for your North Carolina home.


Roof Warranty? Get 2 for your North Carolina home.

As a wise consumer, we understand that you research product and service warranties for every significant purchase to protect your investment. A new roof is a major investment. 

When you purchase a new roof, you should receive 2 roof warranties in writing

The first roof warranty is from the manufacturer covering the integrity of their product.

The second warranty comes from the contractor covering the integrity of their workmanship. 

The manufacturer covers what they have control over – the product, and the contractor covers what they have control over – the quality of the installation. 

McCarthy Metal Roofing offers homeowners in North Carolina outstanding protection with both.

Manufacturer’s Roof Warranty

If you’ve looked at asphalt shingle warranties, you’ll find these temporary roofs may carry long-term warranties.  They have many exclusions and are heavily prorated. The products break down in 10 – 15 years and need replacement. Once again, asphalt roofing falls short, with minimal or no warranty coverage available when you need it. In comparison, meaningful product warranties come with every metal roofing system we install. Our roofs last a lifetime.

Workmanship Warranty

Our teams of professionals are factory and continually trained on the very best practices and procedures for quality installations. We warrant our craftsmanship in writing. 

Written Warranties for a Lifetime Roof

Don’t settle for a roof that will “get through” 10 or 15 cycles of North Carolina’s cold-to-hot and wet-to-dry yearly weather cycles. A McCarthy Metal Roof will protect your home for a lifetime from wind, rain, and storms. Every roof comes with straightforward, warranted protection. In writing.

When it’s time to replace your roof, we’re right here and ready to install a durable metal roof that enhances the beauty of your home while protecting all that it contains.