Time for a roofing decision? Here’s a tool to make it easier.

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Time for a roofing decision? Here’s a tool to make it easier.

When you need a new, it’s decision time. Choosing a roof for your North Carolina home can be difficult; it’s not a decision you need to make often. 

There are many ways to choose a roof. A personal choice of criteria like appearance, longevity, and durability should impact your decision. Cost is essential, but a new roof should include value. Here are 14 purchasing criteria for a  new roof explained in a short read. 

Once you have set your standards, here is a simple tool to help you make a roofing decision: a decision matrix. You’ve likely either seen or used a decision matrix before.

A Decision Matrix

Create your decision matrix on a napkin or in a spreadsheet, using whatever works best to help you feel confident in this significant investment in your home.

  • The simplest method is to create a chart of your primary wants and needs. 
  • Identify 5 to 7 factors important to you. 
  • You can weight these criteria based on importance to your home, but a decision matrix offers insight even unweighted.

Here’s a sample we created to list the most common types of roofing and how they compare to a list of criteria. 


As you can see, we consider several factors. Some are subjective, like beauty, and others objective,  like weight. Feel free to add your criteria and remove some we suggest; just make sure you consider those most essential for your situation. 

For your roofing decision matrix, you will need to do some research. We have several tools to help you, including comparing asphalt and other common roofing materials to metal. Each comparison is specific to roofing in North Carolina.

We found that metal roofing had the best results compared to other materials. It lasts longer, looks better, reduces energy costs, and stands up to severe weather.  Whatever your findings reveal, you’re sure to have more confidence in your decision. 

We know that a decision this important takes time. Our friendly team of roofing professionals is available to assist you without pressure or obligation.  Simply send us an email, and we’ll be in touch.