Metal Roofing Contractor in Rougemont, NC

McCarthy Metal Roofing stands apart from other metal roofing companies because of our tireless work ethic and commitment to perfection. We install metal roofing using Classic Products, the leading residential metal shingle manufacturer in the nation. Rarely will you ever find metal roofers more committed to bringing the greatest possible satisfaction to their customers. People who need a metal roofing contractor in Rougemont, NC, come to us first because they know we can bring lasting improvements to their quality of life.

Our Classic Products will protect buildings from the sun, rain, wind, and snow. Whether you are starting from scratch or making improvements to an existing home, McCarthy Metal Roofing can turn your plans into a reality. Aside from residential buildings, we have brought our expertise to churches and commercial buildings as well.

For folks who do not need an installation but could benefit from shingles, our wide selection will certainly cover your bases. Just contact us with any questions. Our roof inspections are another spectacular service. An inspection involves an initial consultation that often explores details concerning damage seen along the roof, including loose nails, leaks, missing shingles, and more

Rest assured, the experts who inspect our clients’ homes are very qualified. The excellent people employed by McCarthy Metal Roofing are highly skilled craftsmen. We do everything to ensure that only the best employees work for this company, including an intense screening process and factory certifications. They also must continue their education while working with the team.

We do not just strive to build better roofs; we also have an environmental mission. We try to teach homeowners about the benefits of metal roofing solutions. We provide attractive energy-saving roofs to meet our clients’ demands. We are very proud to serve the great people of North Carolina. You will not find a better option; after all, we believe in upholding a high standard for ourselves. Our installations never compromise on quality.