Metal Roofers in Smithfield, NC

Our metal roofing contractors in Smithfield, NC, are ready to enhance your home with durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly metal roofing options. Not only can you conveniently find reliable roofing materials here, but we also have various designs to choose from. For instance, at McCarthy Metal Roofing, we offer styles such as Rustic Shingle, Oxford Shingle, standing seam, Country Manor Shake, and beyond. Our experienced metal roofers can install a variety of roofing styles.

We’re a metal roofing company that provides a range of styles makes it easy for homeowners to ensure each part of their homes meets their aesthetic standards, including their roof. In addition, our metal roofing is available in many colors, helping homeowners personalize their home further. Across the aforementioned roofing styles, color options include red, black, green, white, and more. Thanks to protective finishes on the metal roofing, those colors will remain stunning for decades.

In fact, a successful metal roof requires more than just impeccable aesthetics. A deeper detail to look at is the overall performance you should expect from high-quality metal roofs. After all, residential roofs protect your attic from rain, snow, and any other weather conditions you experience. A combination of precise installation techniques, protective finishes, and durable materials makes metals roofs ideal for withstanding various environmental conditions.

For instance, metal roofing materials include steel, copper, and aluminum. Beyond their eye-catching textures, these metals provide the strength and support residential roofs need to protect a home. Kynar 500 finishes provide additional protection from UV, chemical, and thermal damage, helping the roof look incredible and perform perfectly for many decades.

Choosing us as your metal roofing contractor is always a great option. We will give you a range of roof design options for your home as well as experienced roofers. We work hard to provide dedicated and detailed work for all our clients.

In some cases, homeowners can even install metal roofing panels over their existing asphalt shingles. If that’s how you’d like to approach your roof installation, our metal roofers in Smithfield, NC, will take a look at your home and determine if it can be done. By installing your new metal panels over an existing material, you can experience the benefits of the new roof without having to dispose of the asphalt shingles. If you’re ready to install metal roofing at home, contact our team today.