Storm Proof Your Roof: Metal vs Asphalt


Storm Proof Your Roof: Metal vs Asphalt

Here in North Carolina, winter storms bring a variety of challenges. Though it sometimes snows, we’re more likely to see residual rain and winds from southern hurricanes. These winter storms can supply a lot of water and wind damage to our roofs. 

That’s why metal roofs are superior to asphalt when it comes to storm-proofing your home.

The Durability of Metal vs Asphalt in a Storm

McCarthy Metal Roofs are made to last. Hurricane-rated winds, ice, and hail will not affect a properly installed metal roof.  Our roofs are designed with durability that’s guaranteed for a lifetime. 

Asphalt shingle roofs are manufactured to fail. They begin to break down even as installed and move on to damage from hail, wind, water, and ice dams. An asphalt roof will not protect your home from winter storms.

How does a McCarthy Metal Roof offer superior protection compared to an asphalt roof?

  • Unlike asphalt, a metal roof’s interlocking panels stand firm against hail, resisting damage. Asphalt is prone to chipping, cracking, breaking down, leaking, and blowing off.
  • By screwing down the metal underneath the panels with a clip system, high winds don’t pose nearly the same problem. Anyone who’s experienced a hurricane or other intense storm has seen the asphalt shingles littering their yard or neighbor’s property.
  • While asphalt retains snow on the roof, metal makes it easy for snow to slide right off.

Year-Round Storm Proofing

Winter storms are becoming more prevalent. As a responsible and proactive homeowner, you can take action to protect your home. We install quality metal roofing year-round and are here to talk with you about storm-proofing your home.

Learn more about metal vs asphalt roofing here.

Schedule a pressure-FREE consultation now.  And if you’ve already experienced storm damage, we can help you prepare for the next storm.