Summer Energy Savings for Your North Carolina Home

As the heat continues to build, we’ve put together a short list of easy energy savings for your North Carolina home:

  • Close curtains and blinds to keep sunlight out and lower air conditioning use.
  • Install a programmable thermostat to automatically adjust temperature settings.
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to counter-clockwise in the summer. With this cooling effect, you can raise the thermostat 3 to 4 degrees and feel just as cool.
  • Dial up the thermostat and save on energy costs. Taking the humidity out of your home has a significant effect on comfort; it doesn’t have to be cold to be comfortable.
  • Change you’re a/c filters regularly to keep your system clean and efficient.
  • Keep you’re a/c clean by keeping the condensing unit outside of your home free of debris.
  • Avoid major appliances that heat up your home; minimize the use of stoves, ovens and dryers in the heat of the day.

These simple habits, when practiced regularly,  could lower your summer energy costs by 3%-5%…and that’s a significant savings!

Of course, if you would like to learn about how an energy-efficient metal roof could help make a substantial reduction in your summer energy costs, please let us know. We’re North Carolina’s metal roofing experts, McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems.