The Dangers of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs

The Dangers of Exposed Fastener Metal Roofs

All over the country – and even in our backyard – there are now roofing contractors who are selling and installing exposed-fastener-metal-roofs, or barn-metal-roofs, to unsuspecting homeowners. Strictly speaking, barn metal should never be installed on a home.

Why are barn metal roofs not for residential application? First, barn metal roofs are installed by screwing the panels down directly to your roof decking. That means you have thousands of screws penetrating your roof into your attic – and over time holes equal leaks.

Second, the rubber seals around the screws dry out in 10 years or less – which means replacement. Unless the screws on your barn roof are replaced every 5 to 10 years, leaks are going to get progressively worse over time.

Finally, a short time after installation, barn metal roofs begin to rust anywhere the panels have been bent or cut. And, you can always recognize a barn metal roof by the exposed screws – hundreds of them dotting the roof panels – each one a leak point waiting to happen.

Don’t be fooled, barn roofs are presented as a cheaper alternative to higher quality, hidden-fastener metal roofing, but they are an eventual disaster if installed on your home.

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