The Environmental Advantages of Having a Metal Roof

The Environmental Advantages of Having a Metal Roof

The Environmental Advantages of Having a Metal Roof

As people move toward greener lifestyles, many prefer eco-friendly home elements. In particular, many are switching to sustainable roofs. Discover the environmental advantages of having a metal roof and see why homeowners love this roofing option!

Metal Roofs Are Recycled and Recyclable

Recycling is one of the best sustainable practices. Did you know metal roofs contain up to 95 percent recycled materials? Reusing materials is great for the environment because it reduces landfill waste.

Furthermore, metal roofs are a gift that keeps giving because they are recyclable. You can melt down metal roofs when they are no longer usable and repurpose the material to create furniture, art, tools, and other awesome items.

Long-Lasting Roofing Option

Another environmental advantage of having a metal roof is that they’re long-lasting. Most homeowners don’t remove their metal roofs. In fact, metal roofs last between 40 to 70 years, making them the most durable roofing option. They can withstand harsh weather and maintain their appearance. Their durability is another reason metal roofs produce less waste.

Overflowing landfills are a major concern as people add waste to them every day. However, metal roofs don’t contribute to the issue. As mentioned, metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable, so they can live on as other useful items.

Energy Efficient

Homeowners interested in energy-efficient homes select metal roofs because they lower energy costs. The reflective coating reduces indoor temperatures, keeping your home cool during hot weather. This means you don’t have to blast the air conditioner to stay cool. Metal roofs also keep your home warm during the fall and winter, reducing your energy bills. Save money and enjoy a comfortable home regardless of the weather.

Need a Roof? No Problem

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