The Value of Reflective Metal Roofing in North Carolina

Reflective metal roofing can reduce energy costs for our country. Some may think white in color roofs are the only option to gain the benefits of a reflective metal roof. The great news is that there are many options for color in metal roofing.

Today’s metal roof choices often offer reflective pigment in their coatings so that high reflectivity is available even in colors as dark as brown and black. Homeowners can have energy efficiency without having to choose a white roof. While white roofs are reflective, their drawback is that they are also very prone to dirt and dust – they do not stay white forever. Once they get some dirt accumulation, the look gray and dingy which reduces their reflectivity significantly.

Additionally, metal roofs which have a formed thickness and an airgap between the metal and the plywood or OSB roof decking have even greater energy efficiency. That airgap blocks heat transfer by conduction. Some studies have shown the airgap to be even more effective in terms of energy efficiency than color or reflective coatings.

So, if you think that the only energy-saving option in North Carolina is a boring, unflattering light colored roof…think again. Explore the depth of design and color offered by Classic Metal Roofing Systems and McCarthy.