Roof Damage: Storm Chasers in North Carolina

Roof Damage: Storm Chasers in North Carolina

Was your North Carolina neighborhood recently hit by a bad storm that included severe winds or even hail? If it was, roof damage is likely…and chances are you will soon have many roofing contractors knocking on your door. We want to give you consumer-savvy advice on how to deal with a storm-damaged roof, as well as what you can expect from metal roofs when severe storms hit.

Local Roofing Professionals vs “Storm Chasers” of Roof Damage

Chasing wind and hail storms is big business. There is huge electronic infrastructure set up that facilitates contractors being able to locate storms, gauge their magnitude, determine the affected neighborhoods, know the size and value of the homes, work with insurance companies, and even bid the roofs sight unseen if they want to!

Please be wary of these “storm chasers”. We encourage the use of local, experienced contractors who are properly licensed and insured to work in your area. You will want to choose a contractor who will still “be there” if problems occur down the road and your roof requires service.

In North Carolina, we are your local roofing contractor, based in Raleigh, and serving all of North Carolina, with exclusive metal roofing products from Classic Metal Roofing Systems.

“Storm Chasers” will often do all they can to look like they belong in your community. They may get a local address or they may even buy a company name from an older company. They may show up at your home saying they were sent by your previous contractor, or even by the manufacturer of your roofing. Don’t fall for these deceptions. You are never wrong to ask for proof and evidence that what they are telling you is true, including any stories about being a long-term member of your community.

Roof Damage is Ugly

We want to help protect and beautify homes in Raleigh, and all of North Carolina. Please, help to protect your community from the ravages of Storm Chasers.