Keeping Your North Carolina Home Cool

Keeping Your North Carolina Home Cool

Here in North Carolina, if you’re like us, this is the time of year when you think a lot about your home’s air conditioner. How can you help it last longer and how can you reduce your total home energy costs? Please read our tips below for keeping your North Carolina home cool:

1)     Invest in a programmable thermostat and keep your home little warmer when you’re not there.

2)     When cooling your house down after having been away, turn your thermostat to the temperature you want your home to be. Turning it below that number will not cool your house any more quickly.

3)     Make sure that your caulking around windows and doors is secure – keep the cool air inside where you want it.

4)     Use your kitchen exhaust fan to help exhaust warm air when you’re cooking.

5)     Close your drapes and blinds during the day to help keep the sun out.

6)     Use a dehumidifier to help your home “feel” more comfortable at any temperature.

7)     Keep your central air conditioning unit out of the sun by locating it on the shaded side of your home or by shading it with a tree or large shrub.

8)     Increase the insulation on your attic floor to help keep heat from migrating into your home.

9)     Increase your attic ventilation, exhausting out accumulated hot air.

These above simple steps can help your air conditioner last longer, save you on energy costs, and simply make your life more comfortable during the dog days of summer!

And of course, if this is the year that your home needs a new roof, please contact us for information on the many eco-advantages of a metal roofing system. We offer a roof that works with your home’s other systems to maximize coolness and minimize energy costs.