Top 3 Reasons Why Metal Roofs Last Longer

Top 3 Reasons Why Metal Roofs Last Longer

Top 3 Reasons Why Metal Roofs Last Longer

Metal roofs offer a host of benefits. For instance, their extraordinarily long life spans are perfect for homeowners who want to avoid costly repairs or laborious maintenance through the years. That said, why does metal roofing last so long? Continue reading below to find the top reasons why metal roofs last longer than others.

Durable Materials

There are many metals out there, each offering its own applications and attributes. When it comes to roofing, the most common and reliable metals for a long life span include steel, copper, and aluminum. Each of these materials is strong enough to defend your home from the elements, especially when they feature a protective coating.

Metal roofing enjoys the natural benefits of the specific material. For instance, copper and aluminum are nonferrous metals, making them naturally rust resistant. Of course, there are pros and cons to any roofing choice, but one thing metal roofing options have in common is durability.

Reliable Finishes

Although metal roofing can remain durable for decades, will it still retain its color through all those years? If you’re buying a metal roof with high-quality protective finishes, then the answer is yes. Residential roofs must endure more than rain and snow; the sun’s rays can also induce fading in the vibrant appearance of a new roof. To ensure a consistent look through the years, make sure your metal roofing has a finish that will combat fading. For example, the HI-R Kynar 500 Heat Barrier provides various benefits to a metal roof, including fade resistance.

Skillful Installation

Another one of the top reasons why metal roofs last longer is the craftsmanship behind the installation. For instance, when installing metal roofing in eastern NC, we send trained professionals to get the job done. Simply put, a poor installation can compromise a roof’s performance. However, hiring trained professionals ensures you have years of industry knowledge and skill working on your roof.

Now that you know what causes metal roofing’s longevity, you can start searching for the right roofing solution for your home.