Quality Components of a Metal Roof: The Top Six

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Quality Components of a Metal Roof: The Top Six

When shopping for a metal roof, the choices can be overwhelming. Where to start?  Heres a great place: our list of six “must have” components of a quality metal roof. Not all metal roofs offer these quality components, but we think you will agree they are each very important.

1. Quality Tested Finishes

Available in many colors and even multi-hued shades, these coatings offer the best combination of durability and fade resistance. Many people choose metal roofs to avoid the streaking and staining that attacks granulated-surface shingles. Our roofing products offer the very finest in PVDF resin-based finishes. 

2. Self-Cleaning 

Although you may not often think about it, a lot of debris ends up on your roof. As things like tree leaves, pine needles, seed pods, ice, and snow travel down your roof, they end up in any valleys your roof may have. Many metal roofs have “closed” valley systems with hidden waterways to channel water off of the roof. These hidden waterways, however, will clog up with debris and then the water path is blocked, and leaks occur. Self-Cleaning valleys carry the water and debris on top of the roof and can’t clog. Your North Carolina roof stays clean, and time and energy spent on maintenance are significantly reduced.

3. Premium Certified Products

The Metal Construction Association has developed a Quality Certification Program which recognizes products and manufacturers that meet high levels of standards in terms of raw materials and processes.