Attic Ventilation: Part 7 Will a Metal Roof Work on Your North Carolina Home?

In this series, we’re taking a look at opportunities for improving your North Carolina home by considering a metal roof. In our list of possible goals for homeowners, we’re ready to talk about ventilation.

Goal: Improved Attic Ventilation

Think about increasing your attic ventilation. Good ventilation can make your home healthier, avoid winter ice damming in colder and mountainous areas, and save your energy dollars. Roofing is the perfect time to enhance the ventilation in your attic.

While there is also an alternative system for non-vented attics that can work, the fact remains that for most homes, nothing replaces good attic ventilation, complete with intake and exhaust vents, for creating an energy efficient roofing system that helps to keep homes cooler in summer.

To learn more about attic ventilation and the coolness of a Classic Metal Roof, contact McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems. We’re North Carolina’s metal roofing experts.