Video Series Part 1: Criteria for Buying a Roof for Your North Carolina Home

Welcome to a new video series focused on helping you buy a roof for your North Carolina home. About 6% of US homes are re-roofed each year and for the most part homeowners go back to a roofing system that will eventually be yet another part of the 6%. If you’re interested in researching your way to a roofing decision that is right for you and your home, these videos will help you.

Criteria for Buying a Roof

The first video focuses on determining what you want out of your new roof. If you don’t determine your criteria to guide your roofing decision, then you can expect to end up down a path similar to your previous roof. The fact is, most of the roofing industry likes temporary roofs — they are a source of recurring revenue.

So, if you’re thinking of a new roof, keep an eye here for future videos and be sure to check out the first video titled “Buying A New Roof Part 1 – Choosing Your Criteria.”

Is a Metal Roof Right for You?

To learn more about the criteria for buying a roof for your North Carolina home, mountain get-away, or even commercial property, contact your local experts: McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems.