What To Expect When You Get Your First Metal Roof

What To Expect When You Get Your First Metal Roof

What To Expect When You Get Your First Metal Roof

Switching from asphalt to metal roofing has noticeable benefits. There are amazing things to expect when you get your first metal roof. Keep reading to learn about the great things to come!

An Aesthetically Pleasing Exterior

Metal roofs are quite attractive. Their modern, stylish appearance is a driving factor for many homeowners to install the structure. You’ll notice the aesthetically pleasing exterior within hours of the installation. Not only can a metal roof for residential homes boost your home’s curb appeal, but it can also match your property. Metal roofs come in various colors, shapes, and finishes for residential applications.

Quiet Rainfall

Expect quiet rainfall when you get your first metal roof. Many people assume metal roofs are loud, but they’re no louder than asphalt roofs. The decking and underlayment offer noise reduction, and the interior ceiling and attic space contribute to a quieter atmosphere. Don’t worry about loud rain disrupting your home!

Durable Structure

Performance and durability are major advantages of metal roofs. Metal roofs can withstand fire, harsh temperatures, and gusty wind (up to 140 miles per hour). Additionally, rust-proof coatings prevent corrosion. This durable structure can protect your home year-round!

Some metal roofs show less damage than others in hail. However, there are some metal roofs that are guaranteed not to perforate in hail.


Ideally, your first metal roof is your last one. This roofing has a long lifespan, lasting up to 70 years! Durability plays a major role in longevity. Metal roofs are great investments for homeowners, including you! Take advantage of the toughness and low maintenance for years.


An added benefit of metal roofs is their cost-effectiveness. Metal roofs have higher upfront costs but save people money in the long run. Cheap material is susceptible to damage, and homeowners often spend thousands of dollars repairing their roofs. Instead of dealing with expensive repairs, you have peace of mind knowing your roof is reliable!

If you’re interested in metal roofing, get a quote now! McCarthy Metal Roofing is glad to serve you.