Which Metal Roof Panels Are Best for Your Home?

Which Metal Roof Panels Are Best for Your Home?

Which Metal Roof Panels Are Best for Your Home?

Like many areas of your home, roofs are available in various designs. Given how substantially a roof impacts your home’s protection and aesthetics, choosing a great design is certainly important. So, which metal roof panels are best for your home? Let’s break down precisely how to take the right steps when browsing your options online.

Homeowner’s Personal Preference

When you’re using high-quality materials and professional contractors, the overall design of a new roof relies on the homeowner’s preference. For instance, metal roofing designs range from rustic to country manor shake, from warm hues to cool colors—the many designs available provide homeowners with a way to make their home’s design unique and inviting.

Additional metal roofing styles include standing seam, Oxford shingle, and more. However, as mentioned above, high-quality materials are still essential for the installation, so how do you know you’re choosing the right products?

Reliable Roofing Materials

Beyond varying in appearance, metal roofs differ in the specific materials they contain. Simply put, the most common metal roofing options include steel, copper, and aluminum. All three metals are suitable for residential roofs, but they do differ. For instance, copper and aluminum are nonferrous, so they are each naturally resistant to rust.

On the other hand, scratches can cause steel roofing to rust where it is cut. Beyond the metal itself, the finishes covering the metal roof will impact performance. In the metal roofing industry, Kynar 500 is a high-quality finish that uses a carbon/fluorine bond to protect the roof from chemical, thermal, and UV damages, helping the material last decades. If you’re still unsure which metal roof panels are best for your home, there is one more detail to consider—examples.

Excellent Examples Online

If you want a way to further vision any given roof on your home, browse the roof contractor’s site for examples. For instance, as providers of metal roofing in eastern NC, our Pictures & Video tab at the top of this page offers a look at past projects. Diving into the examples a metal roofing contractor posts online is a great way to gain more clarity and peace of mind before finalizing your project. Once you find a design that you’re happy with, you can successfully install the best panels for your home.