Why Choose Metal and McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems for Your NC Roof?

This short and informative video by Todd Miller, one of North America’s leading metal roofing experts, explains why you should choose a quality metal roof, installed by McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems for your North Carolina roof.

There’s a lot to think about when it’s time to re-roof your home, place of worship, or commercial building. Rising costs of labor, materials and energy are among a consumer’s top concerns. That’s why, when it’s time to replace a roof, metal roofing should be a strong consideration.

Key Points in Buying a New Roof:

  • choose a good product
  • choose a good contractor

Tim McCarthy is working hard to build one of North Carolina’s leading metal roofing companies. Tim cares about you and your home, is experienced, and installs only Classic Roof products…products which close the recycling loop.

“You can’t go wrong with Tim and his team.”

– Todd Miller President Classic Metal Roofing Systems