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Experience Matters When It Comes to Metal Roofing

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Many homeowners just like you, are becoming increasingly aware that a permanent metal roofing system is a much better investment than asphalt roofing. As a result, metal roofing is gaining a larger market share. Many asphalt roofers, to capitalize on this growing trend, are starting to offer metal roofing.

However, permanent metal roofing is not asphalt roofing. There is a (steep) learning curve. Metal roofing systems are extraordinarily complex and require a high degree of training, experience, and skill to install correctly. In fact, it takes years of apprenticing to learn how to install a metal roof the correct way. That’s why we focus so hard on our factory certification program and our continuing education practices.

Because You Simply Cannot Put A Price On Experience.

Our decades of experience is what allows us to foresee problems before they happen and take proactive steps to avoid them. It’s those small things that are often overlooked by less experienced crews that cost you time, aggravation, and money. Like thoroughly investigating your attic to ensure that you have proper ventilation and load bearing capacity to handle your new metal roof.

Look, don’t get me wrong. There are some wonderful roofing companies out there. All I am saying is that when it comes to your roof, don’t just check out the roofing company. Check out their staff as well. Always ask who the lead installer is and how many years of experience they have. Because while it’s ok to have some apprentices on the crew, you want to make sure that the person inspecting everything has the knowledge, skills, and experience to make sure it’s done right…the FIRST time.

And one more thing. Take a look at how happy the staff is. Because it is my firm—unwavering—belief that the attitude and happiness of a company’s staff is a direct reflection of the company itself.

At McCarthy Metal Roofing, we firmly believe that if we work hard to take care of our staff, they are going to work just as hard to take care of you. Give us a call today and experience the McCarthy Metal Roofing difference.

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