Why You Should Work With a Certified Roof Installer

Why You Should Work With a Certified Roof Installer

Why You Should Work With a Certified Roof Installer

Completing home improvements with a DIY approach gives some homeowners a sense of satisfaction. When you spend the time working on projects such as building a backyard patio, there’s a great feeling of success when the process is complete.

However, despite the benefits of DIY projects, some home improvements—such as roof installations—require a particularly professional touch. This guide will explain why you should work with a certified roof installer, especially if you’re investing in a roof made from high-quality materials like metal.

Roofing Quality

Metal roofing has a wide range of frequently lauded benefits. Some of metal roofing’s benefits include their ability to make homes more energy-efficient, withstand the elements without a scratch, and remain perfectly intact for more than 50 years. Besides the quality of the building materials, the big factor determining whether you receive those benefits is the installation’s quality.

When installing metal roofs, not only should you seek the help of a certified roof installer, but you also must ensure the installer has experience with metal roofing specifically. For example, as professional metal roofing contractors (Raleigh, NC), we put our team through rigorous training to ensure consistent quality across installations.

Even if contractors have years of experience, look at online reviews and testimonials. Additionally, ask contractors about contacting past customers. By speaking with past customers, you can confirm the contractor has a good reputation for working with metal roofing.

Peace of Mind

Partnering with a professional contractor is crucial for guaranteeing roof quality. Furthermore, this partnership ensures roof quality without putting extra stress on homeowners.

A certified roof installer provides peace of mind during roof installations, not just because of their certification. While certification is crucial for contractors to have, peace of mind also comes from two products—warranties and insurance.

Technically, this covers more than two products because customers should receive two warranties alone regarding their metal roof—one covers the product, while the other covers the roof installer’s workmanship. Roof manufacturers provide product warranties and roof installation companies provide the workmanship warranty.

Additionally, the proper insurance coverage offers peace of mind because it protects homeowners if certain accidents occur during the roof installation. Homeowners must always ask roofing contractors to provide proof of certification, insurance coverages, and warranties ahead of time.

Hopefully, if you’re considering metal roofing, you now understand why you should work with a certified roof installer. There’s certainly nothing wrong with taking a DIY approach to home improvement projects. Still, a metal roof installation is best left to certified professionals if you want to fully experience the benefits such a roof can offer.