Will Metal Roofs Fade Over Time? What You Need To Know

Will Metal Roofs Fade Over Time? What You Need To Know

Will Metal Roofs Fade Over Time? What You Need To Know

Residential roofing can look colorful and creative, but fading can hinder that impact. Although metal roofing has many defensive capabilities, it’s understandable for homeowners to wonder how long their aesthetic value will remain intact. So will metal roofs fade over time? Let’s break down what you need to know when installing these long-term roofs.

Why Roofs Can Fade

In general, roofing colors can fade over time. Roofs accrue damage due to many factors, with the local weather being one of the most integral. For instance, your roof might look nice in the sunlight, but the UV rays can reduce the vibrance of its color after long-term exposure.

If you’re a homeowner who wants to refine the roof’s aesthetics, how can you prevent your carefully chosen colors from diminishing over time? As you’ll learn below, there are ways to improve your roof’s defense against the sun’s rays.

Fade Resistance

Thankfully, not every roof is susceptible to fading. Thus, if you want a roof that will look colorful immediately after installation and retain that beauty for decades, that’s not as daunting a request as it may seem.

For instance, we provide metal roofs for residential homes that can resist fading from the sun. Metal roofing can achieve this resistance with the help of powerful resin-based finishes, such as Kynar 500. Protective finishes also assist with chalking, cracking, and more damages roofs endure over time.

Clarifying Protection

Understanding whether metal roofs will fade over time is important because results will vary if you’re looking for a powerful defense. If you want to know whether you’re installing a roof that can withstand fading, speak with the contractor directly.

If you can’t find a clear answer on their website, you should ask the installer directly. This is the best way to find out. After all, if you want a new roof, you deserve to know whether it has the defensive capabilities you desire. Click here for a quote from McCarthy Metal Roofing today.