Will your North Carolina home weather the storms?


Will your North Carolina home weather the storms?

Unusual spring weather is headed our way, and installing a metal roof is one of the best ways to protect your home.

This year, in addition to heavy rains, high winds, and damaging hail – predictions of high heat have been added to the spring mix! Investing in a superior roofing solution will pay dividends. 

But why choose metal over common asphalt roofing?

  • Unlike asphalt, a metal roof’s interlocking panels stand firm against hail, resisting damage. Asphalt is prone to chipping, cracking, breaking down, leaking, and blowing off. 
  • By screwing down the metal underneath the panels with a clip system, high winds don’t pose nearly the same problem. Anyone who’s experienced a hurricane or other intense storm has seen the asphalt shingles littering their yard or neighbor’s property.
  • An asphalt roof absorbs heat, warming your whole house from the attic down. A metal roof reflects heat, keeping your home cooler and lowering energy costs. 
  • Learn why asphalt roofs fail in North Carolina.    

Don’t wait. Defend your home from storms.

Your home is often your most significant investment. Choose a McCarthy metal roof to defend against natural disasters and inclement weather. More than simple durability, our metal roofing offers improved performance against heavy rains, hail, and high winds.

Don’t wait to start protecting your home from the coming storms. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and no-pressure team members are available to help get you on your way to safety. Email or call us today.