Winter Roof Damage : Protect Your NC Home


Winter Roof Damage : Protect Your NC Home

Even in our mild climates of North Carolina, winter roof damage from cold temperatures requires a homeowner’s attention. 

During the winter months, consider the damage cold temperatures can do to your roof.

 As temperatures drop,  asphalt or other temporary shingles may crack or even fall off. Our quality metal roofs stand up to wind, rain, and cold temperatures and last a lifetime. So if it’s time for you to re-roof, opt for a permanent roofing solution.

Check your attic for increased moisture, a sign of poor ventilation, or possible leaks.  The last thing you want during a cold winter is a leaky roof. High moisture levels in an attic create a risk of dangerous mold and make the insulation less effective. Temporary asphalt roofing is always susceptible to water damage. 

While some metal roofs may be waterproof under normal circumstances, water may find a way in when temperature shifts dramatically. Although thermal expansion is a real challenge for exposed fastener metal roofing, our higher quality metal roofs with concealed fasteners and interlocking panels allow for the movement with no ill effects.

Prevent Winter Roof Damage to Your Home

If you take the proper precautions, you won’t have to fret about winter weather damaging your roof or gutters. If you have questions about how winter weather impacts your roof, send us an email.  We’re right here in North Carolina and ready to help.