Winter Roof Installation


Winter Roof Installation

 Though we experience milder winters in the lower elevations of North Carolina, winter forecasts still bring frigid overnight temperatures. 

If you have an asphalt roof, that can be bad news. Why?

Today’s asphalt roofs are more vulnerable to damage from harsh weather, and they don’t last long here in North Carolina, where temperatures fluctuate from warm days to freezing or below on winter nights. 

The sun warms asphalt shingles as they absorb heat during the day. When temperatures drop overnight, they become brittle. The shingles start to crack, curl and come loose. Even a moderate storm in the winter months can cause significant damage to an asphalt shingle roof.

The good news is, McCarthy Metal Roofing products are impervious to the elements that often destroy asphalt shingles, including temperature changes. Our interlocking panel systems reflect the suns heat rather than absorb it and maintain form and protection as temperatures drop. 

Warranted to last a lifetime, homeowners who invest in a permanent metal roofing system enjoy the benefits of long-lasting durability, energy savings and eye-catching beauty.

Your Roof Installation

Now, you may not think of winter as a good time to buy a metal roof. Here’s more good news: availability and our winter roof installation make it easy.  

Our professional installation teams ensure your new roof’s performance, year-round and for years to come.

Our team of friendly metal roofing professionals is available to answer your questions about installing a metal roof and provide you with information on our great offers. Always without pressure or obligation.

We’ve talked about only one of the benefits of metal roofing over asphalt here. Want to know more about why it’s never a great time to buy an asphalt roof?