Wrapping Up Our Series: Is a Metal Roof Right for Your NC Home?

Wrapping Up Our Series: Is a Metal Roof Right for Your NC Home?

We often have homeowners ask whether a metal roof would work on their North Carolina home. Fact is, metal roofs can be a great addition to just about any home. The key considerations in making a decision, though, are what the homeowner’s goals are with a new roof and also what special considerations there may be with their roof. In this 9-part series we’ve addressed:

Possible homeowner goals:

  1. To stay in the home through at least 1 re-roofing cycle
  2. To have pleasing aesthetics and improve the value of the home
  3. To do the right thing for the environment
  4. To protect the home from weather extremes

Special considerations to keep in mind for a metal roof:

  1. The pitch of your roof
  2. Existing leaks
  3. Increasing attic ventilation
  4. Complex roof lines
  5. Skylights, chimneys and other protrusions

While these lists are by no means exhaustive, we hope they provide some glimpse at whether a metal roof might be right for you and your home. Please contact us anytime you’d like to discuss your roofing situation in greater detail. We’re North Carolina’s metal roofing experts: McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems.